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Partying in Covid times-19: As the coronavirus lockdown eases, illegal raves take off across Europe-more lifestyle

From the residential areas of London to the beaches of Portugal, thousands of young people throughout Europe hold raids and illegal parties. They are eager to make contact and are full of energy after they have withdrawn from the blockade of the coronavirus.

While many evangelists after months of being banned from festivals, clubs and celebrations are simply looking for entertainment, such mass events raise fears that a second deadly wave of contagion could spread across Europe.

Police sometimes tried to spread the illegal transports with clashes in London, where masses of people attacked officers with bottles and embarked patrol cars on Wednesdays, injuring 22 police officers.

We have seen that many people do not meet health standards at all, do not seem to care about their own health or that of their family, and want to have big parties, said Cressida Dick, Chief of Police of London.

It’s hot, some have drunk too much, some are just angry and aggressive and some are cruel.

The police in the British capital dispersed a few parties in the night. They also investigate cases of rape, drug crimes and stabbings during illegal raids in other cities.

People gather on the 25th. June 2020 at an illegal rave in Streetham, London, UK, on this photo from a social media video.

While the uprising for more freedom after the darkness of isolation turns into a European summer, parties break out in Germany and France and on the sandy beaches of the Portuguese Atlantic Ocean.


Thousands of people gathered in the squares of the Portuguese cities of Porto and Braga last weekend to have fun in the heat of summer.

Join us on this magical journey through the forest and read a social networking message about a meeting on a hidden beach west of Lisbon. Let’s get together and share the love, the fluidity and the music.

In Berlin, a city known for its nightlife – from clubs to open-air attacks – several hundred people have gathered at the Hassenheide Park in recent weeks to dance the night away.

I think people just want social relations, said DJ Elias Dore from Berlin, adding that thousands of young people will be dancing in the open air at European festivals this summer.

However, events have not always been peaceful.

On Sunday, the French police in Paris and the city of Nantes, in the west of France, collided with the participants of the festival when music lovers celebrated the Fête de la Musique, the longest day of the year.

People gather on the 25th. June 2020 at an illegal rave in Streetham, London, UK, on this photo from a social media video.

Last weekend, six policemen gathered at a meeting of about 500 people in the Berlin Glzeisdrijkpark, because some of them resisted the acceleration of the party.

And a street festival in Manchester last weekend, attended by some 2000 people, became violent: A video on social networking sites shows three men and a woman with a knife and reports that two men have been stabbed.

London police chief Dick said people were afraid of certain parties. We’ll be done this weekend, she said.


Authorities are also concerned that young people, who often have milder symptoms or are asymptomatic, may become infected and spread the virus without being aware of it.

#bbcqt Are you leaving the airlock? # Let the people decide how to proceed. A lot of people have moved to where I live. Watch Streatham Common at sunset tonight. It’s weird. Neighbor Brixtür also Brixtür last night.

– Goran (@Goran71913876) 25. June 2020.

And with thousands of anonymous visitors coming and going, it will be almost impossible to test and trace the infected, says Dr. Celso Cunha, a virologist at the University of Lisbon.

Even if they don’t normally get sick this way, young people still transmit the virus, he said.

But because most clubs and festivals are still closed, most Europeans still have no place to dance, drink and find love after the heavy isolation.

I think it doesn’t matter what the authorities do, there will be secret, illegal raves everywhere this summer, Dore said.

(This story was published by a telegraphic agency without the text being changed. Only the title has been changed).

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